How We Do It

The process:

  • Identify requirements
  • Find closest fit to existing product(s)
  • Define hardware and/or software enhancements
  • Create functional prototypes
  • Build pre-production prototypes
  • Manage production
  • Provide service and support

Avalon Engineering's sister company is Control Solutions, Inc., an OEM manufacturer of over 40 off-the-shelf products. Any of these are available for private labeling or custom adaptations.

Off-the-shelf products fall into these categories:

  • Network I/O
  • Network Gateways
  • Embedded servers

The network I/O products in most cases are also field programmable controllers. In many cases, one only needs to write a control program for the existing product to customize it for a particular application.

Avalon Engineering began as a consulting and contract engineering company. We started with a blank slate, designed new products from the ground up, and handed production off to somebody else. We were hired guns, and when the project was done, our relationship was done. That was the old way of doing it.

Avalon Engineering has evolved into a long term partner in a relationship where the design is only the beginning. While this approach may not suit suite every prospective customer, it provides a greatly accelerated path to the market for those customers who are a good fit.

Avalon Engineering starts each project with a definition of requirements, just as we always did for any development effort. But here is where we introduce the first new step in the process. We evaluate existing products in the arsenal of off-the-shelf products which Avalon Engineering has rights to, and see where we find the closest fit to the new requirements.

Once a closest fit is identified, we then identify what customization is needed. Sometimes existing hardware only requires modified software. Sometimes the hardware requires a different form factor, and the project is just a matter of laying out a new circuit board with the original design.

Avalon Engineering creates a prototype of the new design, often using existing hardware to test new software concepts. Frequently, software and hardware can be developed in parallel because the new design is similar to existing designs. We are often able to start testing functionality before new hardware is available. When newly designed hardware becomes available, it is further tested both in Avalon Engineering labs and at customer facilities.

Avalon Engineering manages production, testing, and shipping of finished product. Avalon Engineering uses a plethora of contract manufacturing resources certified to ISO9000:2000. These resources include circuit board fabrication, circuit board assembly and test, plastic and metal fabrication, label and membrane switch printing and fabrication, programming and final test.

Avalon Engineering provides ongoing support including warranty and out of warranty repair, upgrades and enhancements, along with ongoing production management.

The partnership between You and Avalon Engineering means we apply our expertise to getting You to market fast - much faster than hiring just a design company. We are a full service turnkey provider of Rapid Product Development.